Lane Cove Tunnel

Twin 3.4km tunnels with entry/ exit ramps from Pacific Highway.
Widening of 1.5 km of Road west of the tunnel from three lanes to four lanes westbound. Widening of 3 km of Gore Hill Freeway east of the tunnel to provide a T2 transit lane in each direction.
Reconfiguration of 3 km of Epping Road (surface road above the tunnel) to provide a bus lane in each direction and a shared pedestrian/cycle path.
Reconstruction of the Falcon Street interchange with Warringah Freeway to provide new north facing tolled ramps
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- Underground Transport
- Road tunnels
AU$ 1.1 bn

Project construction


- Additional traffic capacities are needed for individual and freight transport, Relief from traffic congestion is needed
- Time savings in transport are necessary
- Noise levels are not acceptable
- Pollution (esp. air pollution) is not acceptable
- Urban planning for combination of functions
- Connections between different traffic modes
A need to improve the efficiency of east-west travel along the corridor for road based transport modes through a reduction in congestion and improved travel times.
A need to improve air quality and reduce traffic noise, particularly along the arterial road network, through a reduction in surface traffic volumes and congestion.
A need to improve connectivity and access for pedestrians and cyclists on Epping Road, improving local access by reducing restrictions on traffic turning movements on Epping road, enhancing the urban fabric of the lower North Shore;

- Quality of life
- Environmental impacts
Completed the missing link in the 110 km Sydney Orbital road network.
Removed traffic from local roads and arterial roads.
Provided opportunities for public transport improvements