Metro Line C extension, section C2

The new metro track leads from existing terminus Ládví to new terminus Letňany through station Střížkov and Prosek. A temporary park.and-ride yard with 203 parking places is designed at the Střížkov station. At the new terminus Letňany , which has two vestibules, a bus terminal station is designed with a large parking area and park-and-ride yard with 683 parking places. Metro station Letňany meets requirements for future connecting to the planned Prague exhibition ground as well as.

Technical parameters: double track metro line extension, total length of 4,6 km, tunnel section performed by NRTM method (cross section of double track tunnel is 64 m2) and partly in open air construction pit, depth below surface 11,0 – 17,0 m, ground water pressure about 0,15 MPa, geology - sedimentary stratified rocks with oscillated level of underground water.

Three metro station are located in this section:
- Station Střížkov – an excavated station with side platforms and a single vestibule
incorporated into the station hall. The level of platform is 5,6 m under the surface.
- Station Prosek – an excavated station with side platforms and a single underground
vestibule connected to underpasses under Vysočanská and Prosecká Sts. The level of the platform is 10,6 m under the ground.
- Station Letňany – a long term terminus, excavated, with an island platform connected to 2 underground vestibules. The level of the platform is 10,3 m under the landscaping surrounding ground.

Underground double track metro rail line, operating length of 4,42 km, three metro stations, average distance between stations is 1413 m, train set 100 m long consists of 5 metro cars, operating commercial headway - 120 sec, designed headway - 90sec, train set capacity - 845 persons (4 standing persons/m2), operation capacity (pers./km) = 90,1 mil/year, investment cost 103 mil €/ km, electro energy consumption - 15 181 MWh/year (traction), operating expenses – 1,25 € /
Czech Republic
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517 million euro

Project construction

Dust pollution during performance of open air tunnel section