BNKR Earthscraper

The construction site of the earthscraper would be the main square of Mexico City, Zocalo, which is 57,600m2 (240x240m). The structure would extend up to 300m below the surface of the square, with 65 storeys of museums, shops, living spaces and offices.

As Mexico City has a high level of seismic activity, this is causing considerable problems with the planning of the project, along with the possible instability of the earth caused by the excavation and construction of the project.
Mexico City,

- Underground shopping facilities
- Underground public service facilities (archives, libraries, swimming pools)
- Recreation facilities
Min est. 80 million USD

Project construction

- Valuable surface space must be kept available or become available again
- Urban planning for combination of functions
The growing population of Mexico City combined with the lack of available land as well as the need to conserve historic buildings has produced the idea of building underground structures to cope with this lack of space.

The first 10 floors would be a museum containing Aztec and Mayan artifacts, while the next 10 floors would house residential apartments and retail stores. The final 35 floors would be for office space.

- Unique innovation aspects
This project would vastly increase the usable area of land in Mexico City, while perserving the history that it holds. Currently, the project is still in the design phase, and looks to be progressing very slowly due to restrictions on the effects of excavation and construction as well as lack of funding.